Jessica Langenhoff started XXs2info (access to info) in 2020. She saw an opportunity to combine communication and information services in one.

Information retrieval services

So far, most Dutch medical information specialists only assist medical professionals and scientists in the retrieval of medical scientifical literature. However, her collegues in other countries, especially Great Brittain, also assist by selecting, critically appraising and summarizing the literature. This is a great added value as healthcare professionals then can use more of their time to direct patient care. So far, this service was not available in The Netherlands. Now, with XXs2info, it is.

Communication support

XXs2info also offers communication services: writing texts for websites, patient information materials (paper or computer based), grant applications etcetera.

Other services

Archiving paper documents and other materials
Editing Dutch texts: accessible and correct Dutch
Translating medical texts from English to Dutch

Although XXs2info mainly aims at clients in Zuid Holland (Leiden area, The Netherlands), working from a distance is also possible. The internet allows for several effective ways of communication. So feel welcome to connect. See the contact information page.